Mariah Carey’s Voice Cracked During ‘Vision of Love’ and Her Fans Are Upset


“Vision of love?” read the caption of a video by a Mariah Carey fan from a live concert in Tokyo on Friday, the question mark expressing the incredulity shared by many of the diva’s supporters.

Carey kicked off a world tour in support of her new album, Me. I Am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse, in front of a sold-out crowd at Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe, but struggled, as the video shows, to hit the high notes that characterize the studio recording of “Vision of Love” — a classic track and her debut single, released in 1990.

The video is one of several that users posted on Instagram during the concert, and the comments show that the songstress isn’t going to get off that easily.

“I’m so disappointed lol” said one, while another wrote: “Stick a fork in her she done.”

There were a handful of loyalists, one of whom…

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the top 5 places i’d like to go to….


yeah… i know the title sucks but i couldn’t really think much about since i’ve got limited time here. anyway, i know that its a fact that we all have these places we’d like to go to and for my 105 homework i decided that i’d give out my top 5 places.


i know that we all have a little in us that makes us believe in magic and talking fluffy animals and those beautiful happily ever after and where else could we best exploit that part of us but Disneyland. i’ve always longed to be in that magical place and meet human-sized version of Mickey and his gang. Besides my favorite Disney characters coming to life, i’ve seen in photos that Disneyland is this magical place that let’s you escape and be a kid for the rest of the time you are there and i just want to experience it. plus its really awesome to be there.


4. Caribean Islands

i’ve always been a beach person. The coming back and forth of the waves always calms me. yeah i know its very cliché but that’s just me. Anyway, i’ve had this inkling to go to Caribbean ever since i was in grade school. I don’t know why…maybe it’s because of its clear, blue water, the peace that comes with its name or maybe i was just a sucker for Jack Sparrow but i really want to be there. i actually had this conversation with one of my bestfriends a couple of weeks ago that we’d go to Caribbean someday together and i’m pretty much excited about it.
Jamaica Island

3. Paris, France

yes another cliché place for a hopeless romantic like me. ugh! i know that one of the most overused place for this topic is Paris but well it deserves the attention it gets. one of the most romantic places, Paris has been on list ever since i decided i want to travel. i know it is more than the Eiffel Tower but its the one thing that really excites me whenever the talk of Paris comes out. Besides, the photographs from Paris are really convincing. it seems like they have this everlasting awesome light for photographs. just a random thought, i really am curious whether couples really make out anywhere. wallpaper-eiffel-tower-hdeiffel-tower-wallpaper-hd-loopele-efgeiwey

2. Japan

Besides fact that it is home to one of the awesome things that completed my childhood, yes…i am talking about animes, Japan is that one place where the traditional and the modern coexist. it pretty cool, if you think about it. They’re pretty much all about preserving culture but this didn’t stop them from moving forward. also the Cherry Blossoms Festival intrigues me so much and because let’s just put it in a few words: Japan really is beautiful.

oh dear…i’m trying to think what else to put here then this song from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift just played. Anyway, the Tokyo Drift also intensified my want to go to Japan because it let me glimpse how common tourist go with their day to day life in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Transportation in Japan, from what i’ve seen in shows, should be something nice to experience. Their subway is something i look forward to riding once i get the chance to be in Japan. and also i want to experience their bus ride not like our buses here…it’s not that crowded.


1. Seoul, South Korea

now why do i want to go here when i know that it’s just a couple of steps away from North Korea?

Well, duh, it’s the home of my Korean baes! what else would my reason be???

no, i was just kidding. there’s more to Korea than the flashy Korean stars and their upbeat korean songs. just like Japan they manage to merge their traditional culture with their modern one. They’re the fastest when it comes to technology but you would pass by a palace in the middle of the busy, car-strewn streets of  Seoul. it’s awesome.

plus for a media student like me Korea is like one of the must go to place. i mean their technology is just so advance and watching those shows where they were using really cool gadgets while doing their reporting perked me up. Last summer i was glued to this Korean channel (my brother almost killed me) and i saw how the stars interacted with the staff… it was so nice. they’re probably the most respectful people, next to Japanese people, in the world.