on cheering last year –way too late post

This year’s cheering competition couldn’t be more different from last year for the our acad org. For one it wasn’t raining last year. We were pirates with deathly glares not aetas with loony smiles. Sure the costumes were as skimpy as it was last year but it’s Skimmers…it is expected. Then there’s also the fact that Skimmers are champions again. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! SKIMMERS HAS GOTTEN HOLD OF THAT COVETED TITLE AFTER TWO AGONIZING YEARS. I know that I am just a spectator and barely helped my org regain the crown this year but I am just so proud of my fellow Skimmers who shed their sweat, sacrificed their voice, and had their skins painted just for the sake of getting the crown back. It wasn’t an easy thing — cheering especially if you get that pressure in your head. I know because that’s what I felt when I was a freshman. But I know also that the pressure for the freshies just doubled because they had to redeem our organization from the 5th place flop that we were last year to — if not Champions– a decent spot. I’m just so proud of that they were able to do just that. I’m even prouder for my batchmates who sacrificed themselves so that our batch wouldn’t be doomed next year. I really respect them because we all have our production and we’re all cramming so that we can produce a decent production for our hard to please professor but they we able to come night after night during cheering practices.RESPECT guys. To our execomm…I’m really amazed with you and congratulate you guys for all those havey cheers and for a job well done.


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