I’ve been a very bad Christian today. I’m not even sure that after everything I did today I could still call myself a Christian. If i die tonight I’m not really certain that I will have the guts to face our Lord God.

One of the characteristics of God is that He is a jealous God. He doesn’t want his followers to believe in other gods for He is the only One True God. He also doesn’t want His people to eat food or accept anything that has been offered to idols. This was clearly stated in the Bible and today I was more than happy to disobey Him.

Today Miagao celebrated it patronal feast and I actually looked really excited – I even helped prepare the food – to eat the food. I really let myself drown because I heeded my worldly urges. I let the Devil get over me and convince me that it is okay because our God is full of compassion and mercy and He would forgive me if i ask HIm. This is just wrong and I am ashamed that I had done these things.

I’m a bad Christian for eating foods that were offered to idols but I’m even worse for eating those food even with the knowledge that it is wrong. And I just became a monster for eating those food even with the knowledge that it is wrong and took advantage of God’s merciful attribute. I’m so ashamed Lord. I have let you down. I didn’t ask the Holy Spirit’s intervention and I clearly tainted my church for this sin. I have also shamed my parents because they’ve been teaching us to stay away from eating food from the idols ever since I was kid and what I did today was just complete defiance of the supposed values they’ve instilled in me.

It is also pathetic for me to have done that sin. I only did it all because of free food and I let my stomach be my god and it was just so wrong.

I have already asked God for forgiveness but that doesn’t change the fact that I broke a covenant today. I am just so ashamed.


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