He Gave Me Premature Ventricular Contraction

It was something I haven’t felt for a very long time. In fact, it was something I have never felt before. Just meeting his eyes for less than a millisecond made my heart skip a beat. An effect he doesn’t usually have on me until today. It wasn’t special, really but for me it was something to be remembered. I couldn’t even keep my head up and had to look down to hide the smile that was invading my chubby cheeks. I couldn’t even listen nor hear KJ’s and Airah teasing behind me and walked ahead just so I could freak out (probably fathom at what just happened. hahaha.) I don’t know how I had that mini cardiac arrest because it doesn’t usually happen when I see him. Nor has it happen when I see other guys I like. It’s always a smile, heart beating faster than usual, a blush but never did my heart skip a beat before. I know I’m over reacting but it’s actually nice to have someone to admire, someone to watch out for in this freaking traumatic roller coaster that is called life.

I don’t really know him – we’ve only been classmates in one subject and I just sat next to him for like a couple of minutes (which I’m still trying to decide whether bliss or just a transition from me noticing him to me like him). I’m not going to lie, I do imagine him being my boyfriend. I know its a long shot and it would probably never happen but its fun to imagine.

I don’t know why but I rate him as boyfriend material. I know he’s smart and he’s kind of close to girls but definitely straight. if I will have the chance to get to know him I really would.


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