I hate Ate Donna’s texts. There all about her day and her crush and all the things that should be really said (or texted) to that particular person and not sent to everybody else. It’s really annoying to have to read all about her sad little day and how she misses that guy in her office. Sometimes its about how that guy is someone else’s boyfriend. It’s really so annoying.

Sure I do miss hanging out with her but I don’t need to know what she did word per word. I especially don’t need to know why she’s spending her Valentines at the office. Seriously? She surely need to filter what she sends in other people’s inbox.

I’m not the type to rant about a friend but she’s sort getting on my nerves and her messages are kind of self centered lately. I want to tell her to not make her texts diary entry but I haven’t seen her for ages and I don’t know how well she would respond to it.

Guess this is just me dealing with stress. Hahahaha. Imagine it’s been only two weeks since school started and we’re already on productions?


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